this is a self-indulgent post

‘Round about 1999, I had a terrible case of writer’s block. I didn’t write a thing that I didn’t hate for six months or so. When I refer to this episode, I always call it the Bad Nasty Evil Writer’s Block, because it made me so miserable that when I finally did start writing again… Continue reading this is a self-indulgent post

guest blog: On continuity

I just got my most recent work in progress up to the 50-page mark – barely a dent in my total word count for the year, since I keep getting distracted by fanfic, but a milestone nonetheless. This is the first long project I’ve felt much confidence in, when it comes to looking toward the… Continue reading guest blog: On continuity

guest blogger: miss_zedem on beta readers

We’re attempting something new here at I’ve invited some friends to contribute posts on the various aspects of writing fiction and fanfic. This is the inaugural post. Back in the mists of time, when I first started reading fanfic, I kept seeing author’s notes which included the line “beta’d by X”. I’d never heard… Continue reading guest blogger: miss_zedem on beta readers

What’s this? Something new?

I signed up for two challenges this year: Cannonball Read and Get Your Words Out. I planned originally to log them over at another unused domain I have, but I’ve since decided to centralize things more and post my word counts (lots of those) and my book reviews (not so many of those) here instead.… Continue reading What’s this? Something new?