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Lucky 7 meme

Snagged from Alex Beecroft. The rules:
1. Go to page 77 (or 7th) of your current ms
2. Go to line 7
3. Copy down the next 7 lines – sentences or paragraphs – and post them as they’re written. No cheating.
4. Tag 7 other authors. (Not gonna do that. I hate tagging. Want, take, have.) 

My seven lines are below the jump. These are from the current WIP, currently untitled. (I have a list.) I expect to finish Draft #2 today. BWEE.

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Six sentence Sunday

“Do you think people deserve love?”
“I think everybody deserves love –well, nearly everybody.”
“I mean, do you think people get the love that they deserve?”
Frances said, “I think … I think we get the love we believe we deserve.” Leo stared out the nearest window, watching it go blurry, and Frances said, “Leo, sweetheart, look, I know it’s been rough for you, but believe me, there is someone out there for you, someone wonderful, who will get you and love you and never leave you. I believe this with all my heart.”
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Happy New Year!

I feel like I should say something profound, but profundity is not my area. Instead, I will say I hope you had a lovely holiday season, and I hope the new year is everything you want it to be.

My tradition around New Year’s is to do a writing roundup type of thing, so:

2012 word count

This is my word count spreadsheet for 2011. I’ve been keeping these for just a few years now, ever since I started participating in Get Your Words Out on Livejournal. There’s something inspirational about watching those numbers add up.

Besides the sheets for each month (I tried doing one per story but that didn’t work at all), the 2012 spreadsheet has my submissions goal list: themes, expected word counts, due dates, and fields for submitted dates and whether the story was accepted or not. I will be organized! Someday!

Total words written: 288,788

Average words per month: 24,066
Best month: June (36,205)

Worst month: December (6851)

Stories I posted/published: 5 fanfic, 4 profic, plus various little drabbles and one-sentence fic type things.

Number of unfinished stories (that will likely stay that way): 5

Number of unfinished stories (that will be finished in 2012, knock wood): 6

Stories written this year to be published in 2012: One.

Biggest distraction: Real life. I don’t think I was distracted this year so much as indecisive. I restarted and rebooted a lot of stories, and then ended up not finishing them.

Plans for 2012 include 2 novels edited and submitted, 1 more novel written, edited and submitted; at least 2 screenplays, and several anthology submissions/novellas. I only published 4 professional pieces last year, and I’m hoping to increase that. (I did 6 in 2010. That was nice.) At the very least, I hope to reach 20 stories total in print by the end of the year.

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a little bit of navel-gazing

Fiction, I once read in an old issue of Writer’s Digest, is one damn thing after another. Things have to happen in order for the reader to stay engaged and interested. (I have read, as I’m sure we all have, novels that are mostly people thinking about things, but they’re not ones that I’ve reread over and over.) In genre fiction, at least, you want more than just the narrator wondering if he should have called Rachel or waited for Rachel to call him, and oh doesn’t Rachel’s eyes remind him of that time in the park when he dropped his ice cream, and why didn’t his father buy him more ice cream…

You get the idea.

The reason for all this dithering is to say this: Nanowrimo has again not worked for me. While I got 13,000 words into the rough draft, I’ve still got an incomplete rough draft and not enough umph to finish it, because I don’t know what should happen next. I mean, I have an outline, and there’s a plot point at the juncture, but I don’t know how to show it. I can’t think of the damn things that should happen one after another.

This is problematic.

Sometimes I can sit down and just write and whatever those damn things should be just pop into mind, no struggle on my part. But sometimes–and this mostly happens with my intended-for-publication stories–I just can’t. It’s like a very specific form of writer’s block.

(Worst of all, when I look at my list of things I want to have finished in the next two months, it makes me want to just crawl under the blankets and play Plants vs. Zombies until the end of days.)

I am writing. I’m just not writing the things I need to be writing.

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I am far geekier than you may suspect

I just got back from my first ever Dragon*Con. I had three goals for this convention:

  1. Get my picture taken with Misha Collins
  2. Get another autograph from Gareth David-Lloyd
  3. Get an Eleventh Doctor-era sonic screwdriver

I am pleased to report I did all three. 

Misha Collins, or as fandom calls him, “God.”

I took neither of these pictures (the only camera I currently have is my cell phone camera–next convention I’m getting a good one) but I think they illustrate well why I experienced such a large amount of squee. (Looking your crush object in the face is, ah, interesting.)

I also spent quite a bit of time working on the current WIP, which was supposed to be a simple rewrite finished by the 31st and has turned into a complete plot restructuring that’s still not done. Oh, me. Oh, life. (Working holiday! Yeah, that’s what we’ll call it.)

There was much people-watching and panel-going, and I got to meet some online friends in person for the first time or for the first time in a few years (Teleporters. I’m just saying.) which was enough of a reason to go in itself.

Gareth David-Lloyd, or as I think of him, “Hello gorgeous”

If you’re into any kind of genre fandom, if you can handle large crowds (seriously–my university was not as big as the D*C attendees) and Atlanta-in-summer weather, and/or if you’ve ever wanted to dress up as a TARDIS, an anime character or an X-Man (just to name a few), I can highly recommend Dragon*Con.

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Six sentence Sunday

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“What’s your number?”
“Here.” Sam took his phone and typed in his name and number. He said as he handed it back, “You’d better call me.”

“I will.” With a mischievous smile he pressed a button and held the phone to his ear, and the phone in Sam’s jacket began to ring.

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80k in 80 days: DONE

As of today, I have hit the word count goal for 80k in 80 days, otherwise known as May Your Write Your Novel. Everything I write between now and the 19th is just gravy. (And there will be more writing. Oh yes. I have things to finish.) 
Prettying things up around here

For this challenge I completed:

  • a rough draft of Novel #3
  • a rough draft of a short story, and the edits for same (now submitted, will know if it’s been accepted after the 25th)
  • a rough draft of a novella and edits for same (submitted and I think accepted)
  • a rough draft of another novella (due in August–rewrites ahoy!)
  • a few bits of fanfic

for a total of 80,360 words. In two and a half months.

Boo, as they say, rah.