Two Productivity Apps: Notion and Moleskine Journey

This essay was originally posted to the writing community Get Your Words Out. At the beginning of the month I downloaded a bunch of apps with the intention to test them out and offer brief reviews of each one. Then I got a new job and have been studying for license certification exams, and completely… Continue reading Two Productivity Apps: Notion and Moleskine Journey

NaNoWrimoPrep: Plotting tools

I got an iPad about a year and a half ago, and it's slowly become my primary writing tool instead of my trusty laptop, mainly due to its portability and the many programs available for writing and plotting. (App, program, same thing. I'm old school.) I've tried a lot of different programs to find the… Continue reading NaNoWrimoPrep: Plotting tools

unabashed nerdery

I'm not a programmer or software engineer, though I work with them on a regular basis in Ye Olde DayJobbe. I have an interest in programming, though, and have created things like simple online training quizzes and a database and interface for customer contact information.Recently I got a Blackberry and I'm trying to use it… Continue reading unabashed nerdery