Looking In the Wrong World

Title: Looking in the Wrong World Author: misslucyjane Fandom: Supernatural Pairing: Dean Winchester/Castiel Warning/Spoilers: Triggers: Suicidal Thoughts, Suicide Attempt, Self-Harm, Depression Word Count: 33,000 Rating: NC-17 Summary: For six months Dean has thought Castiel was killed by the Leviathan, but a little girl with an artistic bent insists Castiel is alive and can be saved. … Continue reading Looking In the Wrong World

Kings of the Summer Realm series by blue_fjords

You & Me, Kings of the Summer Realm R. The Dukes of Earl. PG. The Princes of Seagull Beach. PG. The Baffled King Composing. R. Author: blue_fjords Fandom: Supernatural RPS Pairing: AU Jensen/Misha Summary: Ridiculous oaths of eternal friendship on supercool parchment sheets signed in blood from cut fingers, friendship rings/bracelets/amulets, sneaking out of homes … Continue reading Kings of the Summer Realm series by blue_fjords


Title: Unperfect Author: Recipient: Pairing: Dean/Castiel Rating: R Warnings: None Spoilers: None Word Count: 3600 Notes/Prompt(s): Written for 's Renegade Angels III fic exchange. The prompt: Dean is curious about Castiel's wings; Cas is shy about them. Summary: "They look like wings, they look like my wings, and I cannot show them to you." They're … Continue reading Unperfect