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Coming soon: Thyme

Got the cover. Hee.

Thyme will be out December 21, 2011.

Excerpt? I think so.

"Keep me company tomorrow night, too?" Dix asked quietly.

"Of course."

Dix was silent for a while, his thumb brushing Patrick's shoulder. "And the night before
they send me to prison?" he whispered. "Keep me company that night, too?"

"You're not going to prison."

"I don't know how to prove my innocence, Patrick."

"Nicky wants to see the accounts. He'll find a way. And if he doesn't — we'll find
something else. But you can account for all your income, you pay your full taxes, you
report every gift — you're an honest man. They'll see that. They've got to."

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release date

My next story, Apples & Gin: Wedding Cake, will be published February 5.

I’ve been trying to think of something deep and meaningful to say about editing or writing a series or trying to make an established relationship interesting, but I got nothin’. (It’s been a stressful week at the day job, yo.)

Instead, have a drawing my friend Emily did for me of Sawyer. (I think it looks like Sawyer in about 15 years, but I get what she was going for.)