Title: Harbour Author: Fandom: Torchwood Pairing: Jack/Ianto Warning: Spoilers for "Adrift" Word Count: 2600 Rating: NSFW Thank you to for beta and for art. Summary: Seeing Gwen experience it for the first time took me right back to when I first heard that terrible scream. After Gwen had gone home, I just held on to … Continue reading Harbour

Waiting For Dawn

Title: Waiting for Dawn Author: Fandom: X-Files Pairing: Mulder/Scully Spoilers: Takes place during "Kill Switch." Rating: NSFW Summary: Mulder and Scully talk about the need to touch. And then they act on it. They stumbled their way through the woods away from the burning trailer, towards the car. *Sanctuary*, Scully thought, and she heard herself … Continue reading Waiting For Dawn