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My Month of Writing: a writing tracker

My Month of Writing

Gentle Readers, I have done a thing! I’ve created a writing tracker centered around setting goals, recording achievements, and making notes. The idea is that if you prepare the day before you’ll be able to start quickly the next day. Perfect for monthly challenges, with enough individual tracking pages for up to 31 days.

The tracker is available in paperback from Amazon.

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NEW Eternally Dark: “Aubade”

Jory loves the night. You meet the most interesting people after the sun goes down. But when a new man approaches Jory at a poetry slam, Jory’s love of the night may be his downfall — or introduce him to an entirely new sort of night life.

Jory Garcia is a slam poet who hasn’t performed since his relationship ended. At his first competition in months, he meets a blind man named Robin and is instantly attracted to him. A kiss in an alley exposes Robin as even more of a creature of the night than Jory is, and Jory plunges eagerly into Robin’s mysterious world. But knowing Robin is a monster is one thing — can Jory accept Robin into his life without becoming a monster himself?

This book is now out of print.


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New: Ebony Angel

Ebony Angel by Jenna Jones

When Austin Archer was eighteen, he was attacked by an unknown assailant and rescued by a dark figure who wore ebony armor. Now thirty and a police detective, Austin faces a mystery that is connected to his own attack in ways he never thought possible.

Someone is murdering teenagers in Austin’s city. At first Austin suspects a mysterious man named Jude, but Jude is far more than he appears to be, and knows more about Austin than a stranger should. Austin is drawn to Jude and wants to trust him, but Jude’s claims about the identity of the murderer and even his own are too fantastic to be believed.

When Austin was a child, his mother sang to him that angels were watching over him. Austin is about to learn that this is more than a lullaby.

Buy at Torquere Books

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Now available: The Best Man

Four of Cups: the Best Man

From Torquere Books:

Zack and Quaid have been lovers for more than a decade, but things aren’t going well between them. Quaid is dependable, but Zack is bored, dissatisfied with their routine. At a family wedding in Las Vegas, Zack does his thing, with little consideration of what Quaid wants or needs, until he notices how much attention one of the other guests is paying to Quaid. And how much Quaid is loving it.

Zack has always known Quaid was the best man for him. Now, can he prove he’s the best man for Quaid?

Four of Cups: the Best Man is available in ebook.

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