Bad Things

Title: Bad Things Author: Fandom: Milliways (The Invisible Man/Lost) Pairing: Charlie/Darien Warning/Spoilers: None. Word Count: 1600 Rating: NC-17 Summary: I don't know what you've done to me/But I know this much is true/I wanna do bad things with you. Notes: I originally wrote this in 2006 as a birthday fic for , the Darien to… Continue reading Bad Things

Tart on the Side

Title: Tart on the Side Author: Fandom: Crossover/Roleplay (: Torchwood/Robin Hood) Pairing: Ianto/Marian Word Count: 155 Rating: SFW Summary: Ianto is an old-fashioned boy at heart. Notes: Playing drabble games. For , inspired by this icon: It is a sweet and gentle courtship. Ianto is an old-fashioned boy at heart: he understands about things like… Continue reading Tart on the Side

28 Flavors of Charlie Pace

Original entry with master list. [Friendslocked] Twenty-eight flavors of Charlie Ratings: Various Pairings: Various Universes: Various 1. Prompt: Naughty Charlie. For: , Sayid/Charlie Shuffle. Silence. Breeze through the trees overhead. Shuffle. Sayid says, without opening his eyes, "Charlie, do not sneak up on me." Silence. "I'm serious, Charlie." Silence. Breeze. Sayid inhales, settling to fall… Continue reading 28 Flavors of Charlie Pace

Like an Idea, Like an Atom Bomb

Title: Like an Idea, Like an Atom Bomb Author: Fandom: Milliways (mythology/Neverwhere) Pairing: Krishna ("Chris Patel")/Richard Mayhew Rating: NSFW Summary: It’s not the music. He loves the music. Notes: For It isn’t as easy as it looks. Keeping up with Chris, Richard had thought, would be easy: he’s Krishna, the embodiment of joy and rightness… Continue reading Like an Idea, Like an Atom Bomb


Title: Resignation Author: Fandom: Milliways (Lost/The Invisible Man) Pairing: Charlie/Darien Prompt: Woe Word Count: 155 Rating: SFW Summary: It's weird to think you're the one for me and not be utterly terrified by it. Notes: Written for the Millific 42 challenge These days, Charlie is just Catholic enough to believe that no happiness comes without… Continue reading Resignation

The Husband

Title: The Husband Fandom: Milliways (CSI/Celtic mythology) Prompt: Immortal Characters: Gil Grissom/Jack-in-the-Green Word Count: 333 Rating: G Author's Notes: Written for the Milliways42 Fic challenge. "CSI Grissom, you have a visitor. CSI Grissom. You have a visitor." Warrick paid no attention to the announcement until Nick stopped in the lab doorway and said, "It's the… Continue reading The Husband

Smile In Your Sleep

Title: Smile In Your Sleep Author: Fandom: Lost (Milliways version) Characters: Charlie Pace, Seth Littleton, Claire Littleton Rating: SFW Summary: Seth Littleton-Pace has the best lullabies of any child in Milliways. Notes: For silveraspen, who requested Charlie, Claire and Seth, and perhaps a lullaby. Seth Littleton-Pace has the best lullabies of any child in Milliways.… Continue reading Smile In Your Sleep

your birthday comes to tell me this

Title: Your Birthday Comes To Tell Me This Fandom: Milliways (Lost/Dogma) Characters: Charlie Pace, Bartleby Rating: General Author's Notes: Written for , to cheer up a bad day. Disclaimer: Charlie belongs to Bad Robot. Bartleby belongs to View Askew. your birthday comes to tell me this —each luckiest of lucky days i've loved,shall love,do loveyou,was… Continue reading your birthday comes to tell me this

Whole Lotta Love

Title: Whole Lotta Love Author: Fandom: Milliways (Lost/the Vampire Chronicles) Pairing: David Talbot/Charlie Pace Warning: Vampire seduction type stuff Rating: NSFW Summary: They are tight. They are black. They lace up the fly. And they are leather. Notes: At the request of oneechan19, who wanted: David/Charlie; guitar, pants, song; singing; leather (as in leather pants… Continue reading Whole Lotta Love

Stay With Me Till Morning

Title: Stay With Me Till Morning Author: Fandom: Milliways (Celtic mythology/Native American mythology) Characters: Jack-in-the-Green/Raven Rating: Adult Summary: "I thought you couldn't lie." "It's not a lie if you believe it." Notes: For varadia, who said it should exist. I also blame it on "Memphis Skyline" by Rufus Wainwright It is only fitting that this… Continue reading Stay With Me Till Morning