I Love London

Title: I Love London Fandom: LOTR RPS Characters: Dom/Elijah Rating: Adult. Disclaimer: Dom and Elijah belong to themselves. Author's Notes: Written for an icon drabble game, at the request of kimonthejourney. Prompt: Sex and tea. Summary:Maybe you're the one who's ordinary. If you turn your head to the left, leaning outside the hotel room window,… Continue reading I Love London

Under the Influence: Spiced Rum

Title: Under the Influence: Spiced Rum Author: Fandom: LOTRiPS Pairing: Dom/Orlando Rating: NSFW Summary: It begins, as these things often do, in a bar. Notes: For . It begins, as these things often do, in a bar.They have been keeping a running tab on each other, the count kept in the back of Dom's journal—in… Continue reading Under the Influence: Spiced Rum


Title: Wonderland Author: & Fandom: LOTRiPS Pairing: Billy/Dom Rating: NSFW Summary: Staring at Dom in the shower, torn between walking in like normal with a cheerful hello and just standing here, watching. Actors let go of a certain portion of their natural modesty. They have to: they try on costumes, work out—train if the part… Continue reading Wonderland

Nasty Little Thoughts

Title: Nasty Little Thoughts Author: Fandom: LOTRiPS Pairing: Billy/Dom Word Count: 110 Rating: NSFW Summary: Dom has nasty little thoughts. Notes: Written for an icon drabble game. Billy never suspects a thing.Billy never suspects that whenever Dom looks at him he's thinking wanna hold you down and kiss you until you lose your breath, wanna… Continue reading Nasty Little Thoughts

Easy as Pie

Title: Easy as Pie Author: Fandom: LOTRiPS Pairing: Billy/Orlando Rating: SFW Summary: Billy and Orlando celebrate Billy's birthday. Again. Scotland is a cold country, and its sons have developed natural means of defense. Billy, for example, is covered with a fine pelt of gingery hair: not monkey-thick, thank God, it does not disguise the delicacy… Continue reading Easy as Pie

Against the Sun

Title: Against the Sun Fandom: LOTR RPS Prompt: paper bag, sandals, skateboard Characters: Billy/Dom Rating: NSFW Author Notes: Written for 's monaboyd challenge. Summary: Forever always ends Thanks to for saying it would do. Sunlight glints amber and gold off of Dom's sunglasses--rock star glasses, Billy thinks. Don't Look Too Close glasses. Hiding Myself glasses.L.A.,… Continue reading Against the Sun