Title: Tea Author: Fandom: Lost (Milliways version) Rating: SFW Summary: I'm a musician. I will drink tea. Notes: Written for 's senses drabble challenge. The name 'black tea' doesn't tell you anything. 'Black' has no taste of its own and black tea doesn't taste like anything else that's black, like licorice and . . .… Continue reading Tea

Five things that never happened to Bartleby and Charlie

Title: Five things that never happened to Charlie and Bartleby, and one that did Author: Fandom: Crossover (Lost/Dogma) Pairing: Charlie Pace/Bartleby Warning: No spoilers. Rating: SFW Summary: "I had a dream last night . . . Lots of them, actually, odd ones, about you and me knowing each other before." Notes: For . Thanks to… Continue reading Five things that never happened to Bartleby and Charlie

Violets in Bloom

Title: Violets In Bloom Author: Fandom: Lost Pairing: Charlie/Claire Rating: General Summary: "Charlie? Will you be with me when the time comes?" Notes: The title doesn't really have anything to do with anything--it was just the song that was playing when I decided to write.A sixty-minute fic. It surprises neither of them when they wake… Continue reading Violets in Bloom