Hosting Torquere_Social today

I’m hosting Torquere_Social at Livejournal today as part of Torquere’s Advent calendar. To celebrate Torquere has put The Queen of Wands, Chiaroscuro and The King’s Diamond on sale at 20% off until Friday. Find them here: Mirrored from Jenna

hosting at torquere_social

I’m hosting today at torquere_social today. You don’t need a Livejournal account to comment (though they’re free to create): you can comment anonymously (though signing your name is nice) or use OpenID. I’ve got a little contest going to win an ebook copy of the Going to the Chapel anthology. Come over, come over! Mirrored… Continue reading hosting at torquere_social

*peeks out from behind the curtain*

This is one part test post and one part update. I crosspost to Livejournal both from this domain and another, and the crosspost plugin has been falling down on the job, so I’m trying to figure out if it’s a Livejournal problem or a plugin problem or a domain problem. I suspect it’s a plugin… Continue reading *peeks out from behind the curtain*