Lucky 7 meme

Snagged from Alex Beecroft. The rules:1. Go to page 77 (or 7th) of your current ms2. Go to line 73. Copy down the next 7 lines – sentences or paragraphs – and post them as they’re written. No cheating.4. Tag 7 other authors. (Not gonna do that. I hate tagging. Want, take, have.) My seven lines… Continue reading Lucky 7 meme

excerpt from the current WIP

Leo raised his glass, but it was empty. He set it down again, and his hand tensed when Rupert covered it with his own. "Leo," Rupert said quietly and leaned close. His lips were soft and warm, and nudged against Leo's to encourage them to part. Leo's hand remained tensed under Rupert's, and finally Rupert… Continue reading excerpt from the current WIP

Apples & Gin 3: excerpt time!

Apples & Gin: Birthday Cake will be published on the 14th. This is the third story about Noah and Sawyer, two characters I never expected to write more about until I did. (And there are plans for more. At the very least I’m going to get them married. After that, who knows?) In Birthday Cake,… Continue reading Apples & Gin 3: excerpt time!

Update-type things!

Website redo! It may become an overhaul at some point, because the organization feels … not so organized. The King’s Diamond has been removed from my book list. Its contract has ended and it is now out of print. BUT it will be re-released as a Single Shot Classic later this year. Happy happy. So,… Continue reading Update-type things!

Eight of Wands has a release date

My next novella, Your Forever: The Eight of Wands is scheduled for March 13th. Feels like time for an excerpt, doesn’t it? “You look great in a tux,” Theo said after a while. “Thanks. You look great in a suit.” Theo laughed. “Thanks.” He took hold of a button on Del’s jacket and rubbed it… Continue reading Eight of Wands has a release date

observations and a squeal

Observation #1: I’m vastly amused at how most of the spam has been receiving lately has been “See [insert various actress here] nude!!!!!!” I mean, talk about your misdirected marketing. Observation #2: You really should not leave me along with a theme switcher and a browser, because I will change things. Longtime readers will… Continue reading observations and a squeal