I know I haven’t talked about this in ages

For a long, long time I’ve been struggling with a screenplay, and come close to giving up on it many times. But today, thanks to a perfect storm of events, I’ve written the end. It’s about five minutes’ worth of film, I think, images and lines I’ve had in my head for years. I think… Continue reading I know I haven’t talked about this in ages


My apologies to anyone who got spammed by updates. I was tryinhg to import posts from Like driving at night and got a bunch of posts from my publisher’s blog instead. Boy is my face red! Mirrored from Jenna Jones.com.

monthly accounts: February

February projects: the next City by the Bay novel (mostly editing–lots of ideas, not much progress) fanfic (not much of that) Blog entries Learning to Waltz editing February total: 7112 / 20000 words. 36% done! Yearly total: 28135 / 250000 words. 11% done! It’s been an exhausting month, and my writing has suffered. I’m hopeful… Continue reading monthly accounts: February

first of the month–word count time!

January projects: 3 pieces of Sherlock fanfiction (1 that’s getting quite big) 1 story (begun, then deferred until summertime) Apples & Gin: Wedding Cake editing (I couldn’t stop tinkering with it!) Blogspot blog entries (the only one I’m counting, and only certain entries) 21023 / 250000 words. 8% done! Mirrored from Jenna Jones.com.

Back in print! The King’s Diamond

I’d break into a parody of “Back in Black” if I could think of anything good that rhymes with print. Mint? Squint? Hm. I’m very fond of this little story. Like most ideas, it was inspired by a few seemingly unrelated but deeply beloved things. (Brain stew. Yes.) The folkloric meaning of the diamond is… Continue reading Back in print! The King’s Diamond