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eye candy: Jared Padaleki

In my fandom, this is the nerd.

My final total for 80K in 80 Days is 83,675. Those stories will be appearing in the next eight/ten months, knock wood.

Not much to add, as I’m rewriting things and that’s about as exciting as watching paint dry, so have a picture of a hot man looking hot.

(His face is kind of an odd one: it’s one of those faces where the pieces taken separately don’t work–his noise is too pointy, his forehead is HUGE–but altogether it’s not a bad face.)

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80k in 80 days: DONE

As of today, I have hit the word count goal for 80k in 80 days, otherwise known as May Your Write Your Novel. Everything I write between now and the 19th is just gravy. (And there will be more writing. Oh yes. I have things to finish.) 
Prettying things up around here

For this challenge I completed:

  • a rough draft of Novel #3
  • a rough draft of a short story, and the edits for same (now submitted, will know if it’s been accepted after the 25th)
  • a rough draft of a novella and edits for same (submitted and I think accepted)
  • a rough draft of another novella (due in August–rewrites ahoy!)
  • a few bits of fanfic

for a total of 80,360 words. In two and a half months.

Boo, as they say, rah.

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checking in

The curve.

I participate in a few writing communities during the year to encourage my word count and have a goal to work toward. One of them is May You Write Your Novel, with the goal of writing 80,000 words in 80 days. (It began on May 1st and runs through July. I believe it’s still open to sign up, though you’ll have a lot of catching up to do.)

It’s going swimmingly for me. I hit 32,000 words in May and I’ve managed 1000 words a day so far in June. This finished two long-standing WIPs (one long, one short) and started two novella-length stories that are due in August.

Writing, writing, writing. People say, “How can you write every day?” and all I can say is, “How can you not?”