Stop and Stare

Written for Cryselle’s Craziness 1000-Word Thursday. Inspired by this picture:

In the gym

Reo’s powerful body circles over the pommel horse, the muscles in his arms and back straining as he swings his legs from side to side. He grunts with the effort, brows furrowed in concentration as he goes through his routine, never pausing or hesitating as he moves from one position to the next. Reo’s agility is mesmerizing on all of the equipment, but on the pommel horse especially, those amazing arms manipulating his body in a seamless rhythm from one position to the next.

Jeremy tells himself his blatant staring is in appreciation of Reo’s strength and grace, but it’s more than that. Watching Reo makes Jeremy want to pull him aside, get him alone, enjoy all the other wonders that body can do. He loves the feel of those deltoids under his tongue, his arms wrapped around those biceps, the fierce meeting of their thighs. He lives for the sensation of the ridges of Reo’s abdomen against his cock, the taste the post-practice sweat on Reo’s skin.

When Reo’s intensity focused is entirely on him, when he gazes into those dark eyes, runs his fingers through that thick hair, it’s like … well, like watching one of Reo’s routines. Breathtaking.

Reo dismounts the pommel horse, arms raised over his head and back perfectly arched. A few of their teammates applaud, which Reo acknowledges with a laugh, and his eyes meet Jeremy’s. His smile grows tender as he crosses the gym.

“What did you think?” he asks Jeremy, dusting the chalk from his hands.

Jeremy says softly, “You’re perfect,” and he can’t keep the lust out of his voice. “Are you ready to call it a day?”

“Yeah,” says Reo, smiling crookedly. “Are you?”

“Yeah.” He should have spent more time practicing his parallel bars routine instead of ogling Reo, but he figures the exercise from sex will at least help his muscle tone.

“Meet me in the locker room.”

Jeremy glances around. Nobody on the team has said anything even though Jeremy knows he’s completely obvious, what with the staring and how hard it is to keep his hands off Reo, and all Coach has said is No Sex in the locker room showers but he said that to everyone. “See you there,” he whispers. Reo starts for the locker room, smiling at Jeremy over his shoulder.

Jeremy takes a few minutes just to breathe before he follows.

He finds Reo in the showers, water sluicing down his body. Reo slants a look at Jeremy as he splashes water over his chest, inviting him in. Jeremy strips off his own shorts quickly and leaves them on a bench, and joins Reo under the hot, needle-like water.

He darts in for a kiss but Reo stops him with an amused yet solemn, “No sex in the shower,” his finger on Jeremy’s lips.

“Right,” Jeremy says, just as solemnly. “No sex.” Instead, he washes palmfuls of water over Reo’s skin as Reo does the same. His hands may linger on Reo’s abdomen, the muscles that cap his arms, his strong shoulders, but when you have permission to touch something that beautiful as much as you want, why not take full advantage of it?

Reo touches Jeremy just as gently, fingertips tracing the muscles in his chest and the curve from hip to thigh. He doesn’t couch Jeremy’s cock, but he gives Jeremy a look from under this dark lashes that says it’s taking all his willpower not to. He holds Jeremy’s hips, framing them with his hands, and leans in to inhale up Jeremy’s throat.

“I love how you smell after a workout,” he whispers and kisses Jeremy’s ear. Jeremy shivers as his hands push into Reo’s hair.

One of their teammates — Ari, who likes practicing his floor routines to Metallica — comes into the next shower, whistling. He hangs a towel over the low tiled wall between the showers and the rest of the locker room and gives Jeremy and Reo a wink. “Behaving, boys?”

“Of course,” says Reo primly. “Are you done, Jere?”

“All done, Ree,” Jeremy says. Reo pauses as he grabs his towel and looks back at him with a clear, Ree? in his raised eyebrows. Jeremy just smiles and ducks his head under the spray for one last soak, then shakes the water from his hair. He grabs his towel and follows Reo.