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Weekly WIPs

…probably needs a catchier name. Hm.

This week’s project is editing a submission for an anthology due in February. It’s a story I wrote for another anthology last year, but wasn’t happy with it by the time that was due and so it’s been sitting on my hard drive for a while. I think I have figured out how to make it awesome, and I have until the 1st to do it. (Or by the 21st, as that is my goal.)

My favorite part of it so far is all the ways I’ve found to justify the title. And they’re not even puns!

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WIPs updates

I want to use this blog more often and more regularly, so I’m going to start with something simple: weekly updates of my works-in-progress.

Most of this week I’ve concentrated on the not-quite-next story in the Wish series (the ones about Barnaby Sloan), which is currently called The Funeral Blues of Barnaby Sloan. The plan is to have something a little more light-hearted after Auld Lang Syne…, but Funeral Blues was a bit more insistent, and so I’ve got about 6000 words written on it.

My favorite thing in it right now is that scene notes include the statement, “Barnaby is now Socially Awkward Penguin.”