help me, faithful readers!

So, I've got this series in the works and the titles of the stories themselves are...a bit lengthy. (As is the title of their playlist.) Here's what I've got, published, pending, and planned: 1. The wishing book of Barnaby Sloan 2. The haunted Halloween of Barnaby Sloan 3. The Christmas miracles of Barnaby Sloan 4.… Continue reading help me, faithful readers!

New free read: Corazon

Every year, the M/M Readers group on GoodReads holds a "Don't Read in the Closet!" event, where participants select a photo or drawing as the basis for a story prompt, and other members write the story. "Corazon" is my story for the event. The request: I want a story where this man is an archaeologist… Continue reading New free read: Corazon