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Sherlockbbc_fic rec dump (or, anonymous gets around)

Below the jump are 38 stories from the comment fic meme. The authors are mostly anonymous. The links go to the fills themselves, and I have included the prompt (or the relevant part of the prompt) as a summary. Ratings and pairings are various, and please bear in mind that this is a kink meme and fills will probably not be safe for work. (Though I tend not to like stuff that’s really out there. I’m very sheltered.)

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Kings of the Summer Realm series by blue_fjords

You & Me, Kings of the Summer Realm R.
The Dukes of Earl. PG.
The Princes of Seagull Beach. PG.
The Baffled King Composing. R.
Author: blue_fjords
Fandom: Supernatural RPS
Pairing: AU Jensen/Misha
Summary: Ridiculous oaths of eternal friendship on supercool parchment sheets signed in blood from cut fingers, friendship rings/bracelets/amulets, sneaking out of homes in the middle of the night, climbing trees, getting in trouble…

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Heart Toward the Highway by Valiant

Heart Toward the Highway
By: valiant
Fandom: Supernatural
Genre: het
Pairing: John Winchester/Jo Harvelle
Rating: NSFW
Summary: Jo, fresh out of high school, has left home and wound up on the road with John, trying to learn the ropes from someone who isn’t exactly sharing and caring. John, distant and impatient, isn’t really a partner, friend, or role model — which means that Jo’s gotta get all stupid and hot for him. Their stoic apprenticeship starts to unravel as Jo starts to run out of clothes and John can’t ignore her anymore.