Zoë the Cat

Renew, refresh, republish! #AmWriting #WritingCommunity

Hello, friends. It’s been a while.

Basically, I’ve had writer’s block for over a year. You could even call it a creative block in general, because I haven’t touched most of my creative outlets: no ukulele, no Sims, no Parkitect, no knitting, nothing. Life got a bit more intense than I enjoy, and my creativity paid the price.

I’ve been slowly taking steps to get my mojo back. I’m taking anti-anxiety medications again, so I can actually sleep at night. I got a cat. (Her name is Zoë and she’s the cutest kitty ever. Hey, I don’t make the rules.) I’m taking steps to be self-employed, including creating a DBA in preparation for an eventually LLC.

I can’t promise everything is back to normal, but here on some things I’ve actually been working on now that things are easing up a little bit:

  • Rewriting and re-editing the books I previously published with Former Publisher, including new covers, for eventual republication
  • Setting up a shop to sell my books directly to you from misslucyjane.com
  • Installed a book-creator tool to easily post my serials to misslucyjane.com
  • Moved my older fanfiction to misslucyjane.com so that all of my writing is consolidated on one website. I do intend to mirror everything on AO3 here, and everything here on AO3, but all in good time.
  • Created a Patreon, a Ko-Fi, and a subscription option for readers who want to support my work on a regular basis.

The shop only has one product ready to sell currently, so I’ve created a mailing list with Mailchimp to let interested parties know when the books will be for sale. You can subscribe here or using the link below. Once the shop is open I’ll continue to use the mailing list for updates and announcements.

So! My Q4 is full of plans. Time to get to work.

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