Nanowrimo prep: writing tools

When I first decided To Be A Writer (at the ripe old age of nine), my parents gave me an old IBM Selectic Typewriter. When I went to college I took both a luggable PC and the same Underwood typewriter my mom had used during her college career. I probably started the carpal tunnel that still bothers me with that thing, but I was still much happier writing my papers on the typewriter than I was on the luggable, even when the keys got jammed.

I like typewriters.

Through various PCs and laptops, my favorite writing programs have attempted to recreate the feel and sounds of a typewriter, like the Monty Python sounds and graphics CD that not only let me have, “Silence, naughty lady of the night!” as my error sound but also gave me typewriter sound effects for the keyboard. I love the plain text editor Q10 not just for the customizable full screen, but also for the optional typewriter sound effects, taken from Amalie.

Now that I write mostly on my iPad, I’ve been looking for that kind of program for iOS. I have an entire home screen of writing programs*, from the sophisticated Storyist to the barebones Plain Text. But I gotta say, when it comes to the noise, that sound of writing, Hanxwriter gets me.


What do you look for in a writing program? Do you like a tool that creates an atmosphere?

* Writing apps always lose me if they’re plain text and yet use smart quotes. NO. BAD APP. NO COOKIE.

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