Nanowrimo prep: choosing a plot

I have a dilemma. I am torn between two plots.

Both are within my genre, the m/m romance. Story A, I think will be more of the New Adult variety–I may even try first person POV!–Story B is about concerns of an older generation, like failed marriages and starting over. Both started out as anthology submissions that I realized I wanted to be bigger than the anthologies they were intended for. Story A has been waiting its turn for about a year. Story B is the shiny new toy that keeps distracting me. Both are going to be a lot of fun to write and involve some very charming characters. Both, if their outlines are anything to go by, will be at least the Nanowrimo minimum of 50 thousand words.

What to do, Gentle Reader? What to do?

Most of the time, when I’m choosing what story to work on next (because I rarely have one idea at a time–there’s a reason why it’s a plot bunny and not a plot elephant) I go with whatever story is poking me hardest to be written.

im in ur branes givin u plotz
im in ur branes givin u plotz
Right now, that would be Story B — but Story A has made its presence in my mind known, too, and I keep adding things to the idea file.

There is, of course, always the option of doing two projects at once (it’s even recommended by some participants, so that even if you’re not working on your main novel you’re still working on something)–even doing one of the mini-challenges, like writing 50K over Thanksgiving weekend or writing 25K on the first Saturday, in addition to the 50K of the main challenge. (Challenges can be found in the forums.) So… I might do that.

Most what I want from Nanowrimo this year is another rough draft to polish and submit next year. I have two already, just waiting for rewrites. I want to do better at my yearly goal of six submissions a year (this year was abysmal, and if you look at my New page you’ll see what I mean) and I need rough drafts to make into final ones. Having two rough drafts by the end of November sounds quite nice, really…

I seem to have answered my own question. Well, would you look at that.

How do you chose a story to write when you’ve got multiple ideas? Or is your mind more orderly than mine ;)?

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