New free read: Corazon

Love Has No Boundaries: Corazon Every year, the M/M Readers group on GoodReads holds a “Don’t Read in the Closet!” event, where participants select a photo or drawing as the basis for a story prompt, and other members write the story.

“Corazon” is my story for the event.

The request:

I want a story where this man is an archaeologist studying Mesoamerica (Aztec, Maya). He is very passionate about the history and culture of the region, despite not being native to the area. The younger man is a Mexican college student from a wealthy family who is interning at the dig site (maybe his parents are contributing to the project financially or something). He’s never cared much about history, especially not the barbaric people who were civilized by the Spanish conquistadors.

He starts out bored and annoyed with his job. Eventually the archaeologist’s passion wears off on him and he learns to love the ancient culture and maybe the man who studies it too.

If you’re part of the M/M Readers group, you can read it here.  Otherwise, I have it as a free read at and on AO3.

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