Nanowrimo 2012

I’ve been an enthusiastic participant of Nanowrimo since I first learned of it in 2003. In fact, my first two novels started life as Nanowrimo projects. (Novel #1 got rewritten so much that the final version had only two scenes that were in the rough draft. Novel #2 mostly just lost the plot ninjas.)

I’m planning to participate again the year, though as a “rebel” rather than a regular participant: I wrote a 50K+ rough draft in June for Camp Nanowrimo, and it needs editing if I’m to turn it in by the December 15 due date. I’m hopeful the energy of Nanowrimo will spur me on, since writing has been sporadic at best since August. (Major life upheavals are not conducive to creativity.)

I’m minorblue on the Nanowrimo site. I occasionally hang out on the forums, but mostly I hope to report on my progress here throughout November.

Wish me luck.

2 thoughts on “Nanowrimo 2012”

  1. Luck! Those are my cheerleading pompoms 😀

    I may be signing up for Nano too… need to kickstart my fic again and a friend is encouraging me to try some original stuff. EEEP!

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