the year so far

Since it's the halfway point of the year, a little navel-gazing.

For the last couple years I've participated in a year-long writing challenge called Get Your Words Out: there are various levels of goals to select from, you choose one and then you write. You can work on one project or many, whatever floats your boat, and the idea is to just reach your goal.

This year I decided on the 200,000 word goal, since last year with a 250,000 word goal I felt like I did a lot of writing but not a lot of finishing and I wanted something low-pressure. Then Life happened, as it tends to do, and the writing has been my primary occupation for the year. Which means that as of today, I'm 53,000 words away from achieving my goal.

I'm happy about this, but it's still a weird feeling.

Most of it was taken up in finishing, rewriting, and editing Cartography For Beginners: it was 40,000 words of a rough draft when I started, 108,000 words when I started rewriting, and 105,000 words when I submitted it. Yes, I think it is the longest thing I've ever written. Whether it will stay 105,000 words or not remains to be seen, as the editing/proofreading stages are still to come.

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