having written my first 1000 words of the day, blogging time!

It’s a new month, and that means a new story off the Big List of Next. (Have I mentioned the Big List before? It’s a list of my upcoming goals. It never gets smaller, even when I cross stuff off. That’s the course of the creative life, I suppose.) I’ve decided to participate in Camp Nanowrimo this summer, just to see how it works out; and while I’m not aiming for the 50,000 word goal for this particular story I’m hopeful the energy of the event will keep me going. That and the submission deadline :).

I made myself the graphic to the right to use as laptop wallpaper. If four of the Avengers think I should be writing, I better damn well be writing. It may only last through June, or it may be long-term. After all, that big list never gets smaller.

This Monday a friend emailed me out of the blue to ask if I’d like to spend the day in the mountains with her, which sounded like a great idea. So we, along with several thousand other people, spent the Memorial Day holiday in the Uintah National Forest–a little hiking, a lot of driving, and much ooh-ing and awww-ing at the beauty of the canyons. I’ve been pretty down the last few weeks due to One Damn Thing After Another, but I think a few hours in the green was just what I needed. I’ve felt rejuvenated all week, and ready to start this story that’s been waiting for my attention. And I’ve already written over a thousand words for it today, hooray! It always seems that what I need most in order to feel confident about a story is when scenes and dialogue come to me in odd moments, and ever since Monday I’ve gotten a lot of those for the new story. This makes me very happy indeed.

You know what I haven’t done in a long time? Eye candy! This is Eion Macken, and he plays Sir Gawaine on BBC’s Merlin. He’s kind of dreamy. I have made use of him in the fantasy-casting portion of my notes. Handsome, looks good with a sword and has a sense of humor? Ain’t nothing wrong with that.

And that draws this very scattered entry to an end.

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