Love Is Always Write story up today

My story for the M/M Romance Group event Love is Always Write, West, Haven, is now available at GoodReads. You must be a member of the group to read it there. (I will also have it available for download once I get the correctly formatted .PDF.) I have also mirrored it at FreeReads and Archive… Continue reading Love Is Always Write story up today


Title: Vigil Author: misslucyjane Fandom: The Avengers - Marvel Cinematic Universe Characters: Phil Coulson, Steve Rogers Warning/Spoilers: None Word Count: 290 Rating: G Summary: "I sort of met you. I mean, I watched you while you were sleeping." Notes: Inspired by Coulson's line from the movie, used as the summary. Coulson came every day he… Continue reading Vigil

I've got an entry for the Hop Against Homophobia over at Like Driving At Night. (For contest entry purposes, I'm trying to keep comments at a single location.)

the cooling-down period

I have "often" down.Working on "well."Back in 1984 or so--one of my childhood Olympic Games--I was watching the end of the women's marathon with my dad. The winner crossed the finish line, verified she was the winner, and then went on running for a few yards more."Why is she doing that?" I said. "Wouldn't she… Continue reading the cooling-down period