Any Sort of Skin

Title: Any Sort of Skin Author: misslucyjane Fandom: Cabin Pressure Characters: Martin Crieff, Arthur Shappey Warning/Spoilers: Tattoos Word Count: 1700 Rating: PG Summary: "A man can be honest in any sort of skin." Notes: For madder_badder. Title and summary are from Herman Melville. “This your first tattoo?”The tattoo artist is big, burly and ink-covered, tattoos… Continue reading Any Sort of Skin

a little bit of navel-gazing

Fiction, I once read in an old issue of Writer's Digest, is one damn thing after another. Things have to happen in order for the reader to stay engaged and interested. (I have read, as I'm sure we all have, novels that are mostly people thinking about things, but they're not ones that I've reread… Continue reading a little bit of navel-gazing

Happy Birthday, Doctor Who!

You've changed my life in oh so many ways.You're brilliant and funny and touching. You've introduced me to amazing people. You gave the world Captain Jack.I love you like the Master loves a tasty snack.(I've had a rather demoralizing morning, so what better thing to do than a pants off dance off by animated .gif… Continue reading Happy Birthday, Doctor Who!

Looking In the Wrong World

Title: Looking in the Wrong World Author: misslucyjane Fandom: Supernatural Pairing: Dean Winchester/Castiel Warning/Spoilers: Triggers: Suicidal Thoughts, Suicide Attempt, Self-Harm, Depression Word Count: 33,000 Rating: NC-17 Summary: For six months Dean has thought Castiel was killed by the Leviathan, but a little girl with an artistic bent insists Castiel is alive and can be saved.… Continue reading Looking In the Wrong World