I am far geekier than you may suspect

I just got back from my first ever Dragon*Con. I had three goals for this convention:

  1. Get my picture taken with Misha Collins
  2. Get another autograph from Gareth David-Lloyd
  3. Get an Eleventh Doctor-era sonic screwdriver

I am pleased to report I did all three. 

Misha Collins, or as fandom calls him, “God.”

I took neither of these pictures (the only camera I currently have is my cell phone camera–next convention I’m getting a good one) but I think they illustrate well why I experienced such a large amount of squee. (Looking your crush object in the face is, ah, interesting.)

I also spent quite a bit of time working on the current WIP, which was supposed to be a simple rewrite finished by the 31st and has turned into a complete plot restructuring that’s still not done. Oh, me. Oh, life. (Working holiday! Yeah, that’s what we’ll call it.)

There was much people-watching and panel-going, and I got to meet some online friends in person for the first time or for the first time in a few years (Teleporters. I’m just saying.) which was enough of a reason to go in itself.

Gareth David-Lloyd, or as I think of him, “Hello gorgeous”

If you’re into any kind of genre fandom, if you can handle large crowds (seriously–my university was not as big as the D*C attendees) and Atlanta-in-summer weather, and/or if you’ve ever wanted to dress up as a TARDIS, an anime character or an X-Man (just to name a few), I can highly recommend Dragon*Con.

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  1. @Sarah, it was incredible. A little overwhelming at times but still so much fun.I seriously got a picture with Misha Collins :D. It was a photo op thing, not running into him in the hall, but still pretty amazing.

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