eye candy: Jared Padaleki

In my fandom, this is the nerd.

My final total for 80K in 80 Days is 83,675. Those stories will be appearing in the next eight/ten months, knock wood.

Not much to add, as I’m rewriting things and that’s about as exciting as watching paint dry, so have a picture of a hot man looking hot.

(His face is kind of an odd one: it’s one of those faces where the pieces taken separately don’t work–his noise is too pointy, his forehead is HUGE–but altogether it’s not a bad face.)

2 thoughts on “eye candy: Jared Padaleki”

  1. In the beginning I thought Jensen Ackles was cuter, but as time went on I decided that he was too conventional and Jared was hotter; but then, oh my, along came Misha Collins as Castiel and that was it. Yes, I am fickle :)Oh, almost forgot – congratulations on breaking the MYWYN barrier!

  2. @Sarah, Jensen is definitely more conventionally handsome. I love Jared for being the big silly puppy that he is. Misha scores a lot of points on personality, too–the more he's revealed about himself the more I've liked him.Thank you!

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