80k in 80 days: DONE

As of today, I have hit the word count goal for 80k in 80 days, otherwise known as May Your Write Your Novel. Everything I write between now and the 19th is just gravy. (And there will be more writing. Oh yes. I have things to finish.) 
Prettying things up around here

For this challenge I completed:

  • a rough draft of Novel #3
  • a rough draft of a short story, and the edits for same (now submitted, will know if it’s been accepted after the 25th)
  • a rough draft of a novella and edits for same (submitted and I think accepted)
  • a rough draft of another novella (due in August–rewrites ahoy!)
  • a few bits of fanfic

for a total of 80,360 words. In two and a half months.

Boo, as they say, rah.

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