eye candy: Martin Freeman

A new month, new resolve, and new visual inspiration.

Martin Freeman is another of those actors who was just there for me, part of the furniture (even though I liked him in The Hitchhiker’s Guide the Galaxy, and yes I have read the books, seen the miniseries and heard the radio program) in things like Love Actually and Hot Fuzz. And then came Sherlock, which opened my eyes to quite a few actors–and then because I liked him in Sherlock I saw Nightwatch, in which he plays Rembrandt.

It was a Hold the phone!!! kind of moment for me. Martin is amazing in that movie, fierce and earthy and hotter than you’d think for a guy in one of those dinnerplate collars. It’s an astonishing story–art as accusation, to put it simply, and you can see more about that in the companion documentary Rembrandt’s J’accuse–and Martin is astonishing in it.

And then he was cast as Bilbo Baggins, a character I’ve loved since I was a wee thing still sounding out the hard words, and lo, I was lost, fair reader.

I do this thing I call fantasy-casting for all of my stories, and most of the eye candy I’ve posted here have had or will have a role to play in some story or another. Martin does, too. He inspires me.

3 thoughts on “eye candy: Martin Freeman”

  1. I love Martin Freeman as an actor, but had never thought of him as eye candy I have to admit. I haven't seen 'Nightwatch' so I'll have to get hold of it and see if I agree 🙂

  2. What you said, basically. When I heard about Sherlock, I was sort of meh. I sat down and watched the opening and went "It's Martin Freeman! He makes everything better!" And I was right. I had never heard of Benedict C, but he had me at "How fresh?" And he and Martin were in the same room and, oh yes. Oh yes, oh yes. I can't imagine anyone else playing Watson; he's that good. He was so good at Tim in the REAL "The Office," and the best thing about "HHGTTG." And he ridiculously hot in Sherlock. I guess it's the BAMF factor. Also, he's made of kittens. 😀 madder_badder

  3. @Sarah, he's one of those Stealth Hotness guys for me. Dominic Monaghan was the same way: just kind of there until one day, whoa.@madder_badder, it's the kittens. Definitely the kittens.

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