eye candy: Arthur Darvill

Continuing the theme of the everyman-who-is-more-than-he-seems, Arthur Darvill as Rory. This is what you're missing if you're not watching the current series of Doctor Who. (On hiatus until September.)Things that are awesome about Rory:One more to grow on.He's a nurse.He lets Amy be exactly who she is.He cried the first time he held his daughter.He… Continue reading eye candy: Arthur Darvill

Six sentence Sunday

Six sentences from the current WIP."About this morning," Austin began, shifting closer to him. It occurred to him they were in the same positions as the boy and girl earlier -- the difference was Jude was holding him, and Austin wasn't touching him at all. "What was that about, you kissing me in the alley?""You… Continue reading Six sentence Sunday