works in progress meme

I did this meme not long ago,  but then while looking through my documents I found a folder of beginnings I’d completely forgotten about. Thus, I’m doing it again. (With the caveat, as ever, that these may not be so much “in progress” as “stalled.)

Post a line (or two) from as many of your WIPs as you want, with no explanation attached.

“You don’t look like a genius,” Del said. He looked like a ranch hand, really — an enormous, friendly ranch hand.


“Excuse me,” said the corpse and Theo dropped the bone cutter. “Could I trouble you for a pair of trousers?”


“He’ll make you carry things,” Polly said and ate a cracker. “He always makes people carry the heavy things.”

I believe this was the same Bear King who asked for me, and I believe if I go with him I will become his servant, not his supper.


I give them their first good thing of the day,  and sometimes also a muffin. 

“I have a cook. I have a gardener, too. And I don’t need a pilot.”

“Just as well, as I never learned to fly.”

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