excerpt from the current WIP

Leo raised his glass, but it was empty. He set it down again, and his hand tensed when Rupert covered it with his own. "Leo," Rupert said quietly and leaned close. His lips were soft and warm, and nudged against Leo's to encourage them to part. Leo's hand remained tensed under Rupert's, and finally Rupert… Continue reading excerpt from the current WIP

writing excercises: five characters

I treated myself recently to Tarot for Writers by Corinne Kenner, a book recommended by one of my writer friends. I've been fascinated by Tarot cards since I was about nine and made friends with an older girl in my neighborhood who had a deck that she'd let me look at sometimes. I learned to… Continue reading writing excercises: five characters

Those Boys with the Earthly Eyes

Title: Those Boys with the Earthly Eyes Author: misslucyjane Fandom: Sherlock (BBC) Pairing: Greg Lestrade/John Watson Warning/Spoilers: none Word Count: 1700 Rating: R Summary: Greg Lestrade kisses with his eyes open. Notes: Written for this prompt: There are those boys with earthly eyes Their eyes are like the ground You walk and walk, kickin' up… Continue reading Those Boys with the Earthly Eyes

eye candy: John Barrowman

ASLDKFJAFJK LEGS.Ever get used to someone, get used to their face, and then see them (or in this case, a picture of them) that makes you sit back and go, "...damn. Wow."Yeah.This last week was a roller coaster of health issues, so that is as deep as it's going to get, folks.

My Phone’s On Vibrate For You 7

Title: My Phone’s on Vibrate For You 7 Fandom: Sherlock Pairing: John/Sherlock Warning/Spoilers: Reference to child abuse. Word Count: 4400 Rating: NC-17 Summary: John loves that Sherlock isn't like other people, except when his other-ness gets in the way. Rivers carve plains into canyons and mountains are worn down to pebbles before either of them… Continue reading My Phone’s On Vibrate For You 7