eye candy: Benedict Cumberbatch

I have a type. Do I ever have a type.I'm constantly fascinated by the human face. Basically, we all look the same: eyes, noses, mouths, cheekbones, chins. And yet the way every face fits together is different, and while so many faces are beautiful, they're all beautiful in a unique way.This actor fascinates me because… Continue reading eye candy: Benedict Cumberbatch

My Phone’s On Vibrate For You 6

Title: My Phone's on Vibrate For You 6 Author: Fandom: Sherlock Pairing: John/Sherlock Warning/Spoilers: Reference to child abuse. Word Count: 5000 Rating: NC-17 Summary: If Sherlock is the ocean, then John is more than willing to jump in. Maybe even drown. One by one, their unwritten, unspoken rules are being broken. It's a subtle thing.… Continue reading My Phone’s On Vibrate For You 6

Learning to Waltz

Conor was hired by the Todd family to keep Gabriel safe and sober. Conor has done his job so well that Gabriel no longer needs a caretaker, but they can’t bring themselves to part ways. Gabriel and Conor live in a comfortable rhythm, pushing and pulling each other in a cautious dance. Conor doesn’t think… Continue reading Learning to Waltz

and they all lived happily ever after

One of my writing communities is having an "End it" challenge this week, and ever since I read the announcement I've been thinking about endings. Most of the time, when I begin I only vaguely know how a story is going to end--I know where I want the characters to be, as it were, but… Continue reading and they all lived happily ever after

I know I haven’t talked about this in ages

For a long, long time I’ve been struggling with a screenplay, and come close to giving up on it many times. But today, thanks to a perfect storm of events, I’ve written the end. It’s about five minutes’ worth of film, I think, images and lines I’ve had in my head for years. I think… Continue reading I know I haven’t talked about this in ages


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happy, joyful and whole

The radio station I listen to most mornings has a feature every other Friday called The Painful Circle, where people can call in with their relationship problems for some unsentimental advice. Aside from the three DJs, there are two alternating special guests who help out with the Painful Circle, one of whom is a professional… Continue reading happy, joyful and whole