bullet points of the day

I know how you feel,
arm-wavy guy.
  • Blog. I’ve been blogging since 2001 and I still have no idea what I’m doing sometimes. I’ve had a lot of blogs, and I still have a few others gathering dust. Mostly I just try to present myself honestly and possibly even entertainingly. (I entertain myself quite a bit, and isn’t that the most important thing?)
  • Colors. I tried a dark layout but went back to the first one. So sue me: I like pink. As a pale blue-eyed blond, I have that right.
  • Feedback. *v.v.v.v. big grin*
  • Geekery. I have multiple computers, and I try to use one for writing and one for games etc., and then I have the Blackberry which is rapidly becoming my entire life in the palm of my hand. And today I saw that a word processing program I’ve been slavering over was way, way reduced in price, so I snagged it. And now I have three computers to keep the documents synced up on.
  • Holiday. I hope to spend the day before V-day with my new fella: my nephew Shepherd, who will be two weeks old on Friday.
  • TV. I feel like I have an embarrassment of riches with TV right now. Supernatural, White Collar, Raising Hope, Justified…my DVR is stuffed to the gills.
  • Writing. Figured out how a story I wasn’t planning to work on yet is going to end. This is good, except for the “I wasn’t planning to work on it yet” bit. I have a schedule! I’ve been terrible at sticking to it, but I have one!

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