Sherlockbbc_fic rec dump 2: electric boogaloo

More anonymous fills from . Again, be aware the fills are usually not safe for work. Untitled "The first time they have sex, Sherlock doesn't even take off his coat." Roadmap He's fascinated by the scars he finds. No Strings 'Anthea' comes to John for some no-strings, stress-relieving sex. (In progress.) Untitled Sherlock/John. Anything involving… Continue reading Sherlockbbc_fic rec dump 2: electric boogaloo

February accounts

Koala points:33,000 words edited - 6 points7000 words written - 2 pointsFebruary projects:the next City by the Bay novel (mostly editing--lots of ideas, not much progress)fanfic (not much of that)Blog entriesLearning to Waltz editing (to be published March 26)February total:7112 / 20000 words. 36% done!Yearly total:28135 / 250000 words. 11% done!On tap for March: a… Continue reading February accounts

monthly accounts: February

February projects: the next City by the Bay novel (mostly editing–lots of ideas, not much progress) fanfic (not much of that) Blog entries Learning to Waltz editing February total: 7112 / 20000 words. 36% done! Yearly total: 28135 / 250000 words. 11% done! It’s been an exhausting month, and my writing has suffered. I’m hopeful… Continue reading monthly accounts: February

eye candy: John Barrowman and Gareth David-Lloyd

Yesterday felt like Let's Kick Jenna While She's Down day, so I asked for happy-making things. My friends obliged with pictures of kittens, animated gifs and Eddie Izzard on Youtube, but my favorite was this picture--a screencap that never fails to cheer me up. Two lovely men, kissing with such desperation and passion. Never gets… Continue reading eye candy: John Barrowman and Gareth David-Lloyd

My Phone’s On Vibrate For You 5

Title: My Phone's on Vibrate For You 5 Author: Fandom: Sherlock Pairing: John/Sherlock Warning/Spoilers: None. Word Count: 4300 Rating: NC-17 Summary: John and Sherlock have had many conversations since they began this affair, but there's one more they haven't had. Notes: Continued from part 4. There are certain conversations that can only be had while… Continue reading My Phone’s On Vibrate For You 5

meme meme

Mm, pretty.Snagged from my friend Ashie over on the Livejournal: Post the names of all the files in your WIP folder, regardless of how non-descriptive or ridiculous. Feel free to ask about any of them.AardvarksThe Art TeacherBaton RougeCforB rough draftCornucopiaJude-AustinNoah's hands projectSpencer-DominicThe Sorcerer's BriefcaseTrystWingnutSome of these are less in-progress and more abandoned, but you get… Continue reading meme meme

not for posies and potatoes

It's a funny thing, plotting. There are reams books on plots, arguments about plots. Some people say there are over twenty plots (man vs. man, man vs. God, man vs. self, man vs. society--I'm not going to list them all but you get the idea), some say only two (somebody comes to town, somebody leaves… Continue reading not for posies and potatoes

bullet points of the day

I know how you feel,arm-wavy guy.Blog. I've been blogging since 2001 and I still have no idea what I'm doing sometimes. I've had a lot of blogs, and I still have a few others gathering dust. Mostly I just try to present myself honestly and possibly even entertainingly. (I entertain myself quite a bit, and… Continue reading bullet points of the day