unabashed nerdery

I'm not a programmer or software engineer, though I work with them on a regular basis in Ye Olde DayJobbe. I have an interest in programming, though, and have created things like simple online training quizzes and a database and interface for customer contact information.

Recently I got a Blackberry and I'm trying to use it as an organizer as well as a phone/text/email/web tool. In particular I wanted to find a way to use it in helping me keep track of all my submission and writing goals for the year. The closest application I found to what I was looking for is called My Tasks, a little freebie app for tracking various projects. It took a few tries to figure out the structure in a useful way, but I've got it down now and I'm quite pleased with it so far.

But I've also been thinking about what I would include in an application of my own, were I to write one. (I don't know that I will–it involves Java, a programming languages I've never gotten a handle on, but there are also some development environments available. So…I'm thinking about it.)

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