Apples & Gin 5: an excerpt

This is it, guys. This is the last planned story in the saga of Noah Kingston and Sawyer Shaw. I’ve truly loved writing them and sharing their story, and as sad as I am to finish, I’m glad to bring it to it to an end.

They may appear again, if they prod me hard enough. As ever, we’ll see.

Have an excerpt. I like excerpt.

There was a small crowd of people gathered in the Logan Airport main waiting area, holding balloons and cardboard signs that read things like “WELCOME HOME, NOAH” and “LATE AGAIN, AS USUAL” in bright colors. They started cheering and whistling as Noah Kingston approached, and he held out his arms and bowed, grinning.

“My baby,” said Sawyer Shaw when he came to Noah, a sign reading “WELCOME HOME, SWEETHEART” in his hand. “Fashionably late, as ever.”

“You know how I like a grand entrance.” Noah caught Sawyer in his arms and kissed him, dipping Sawyer as low as he dared. Their friends hooted and clapped, and Sawyer smiled against his lips.

“Hi, husband-to-be,” Sawyer murmured when Noah brought him upright again.

“Hello, husband-to-be.” Noah beamed and held Sawyer’s face to kiss him again.

They had come to Boston shortly after Christmas to apply for their marriage license, and they spent the waiting period playing tourists around the city. Even with the license in hand, even though they’d met the justice of the peace who would conduct the ceremony to discuss their vows, even though they’d viewed the space they’d booked for the ceremony and reception, their wedding had still seemed remote and far away, like summer vacation on the first day of school.

Now, it was down to three days. They would spend the weekend with their friends and family, and their wedding would take place Monday evening in the Boston Public Library.

Noah kissed his parents hello, hugged his photography studio partners, shook hands with Sawyer’s band and manager, and met other late-arriving guests, like one of the co-stars from Sawyer’s movie; and then finally Sawyer linked his arm with Noah’s and took his rolling suitcase as the little group walked to the parking lot. “Did you get all of your luggage?”

“Yep. I got everything before customs.”

“Good. How was Prague?”

“Cold. Beautiful. We need to go sometime. We can be expats and do all the clichés. I’ll teach English and you can play guitar on street corners, and we’ll spend half the day in cafes drinking coffee.”

“That sounds just about perfect. Too bad we’ve already booked the honeymoon.” Sawyer kissed Noah briefly.


Apples & Gin: Wedding Cake will be published February 5th.

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