meme Friday: snow day

I’m looking for a good meme to follow for Fridays. I will take recommendations.

Writer’s Digest writing prompts
Write about a day during your elementary school years where school was cancelled due to snow. Remember waking up to the “good” news? How you filled your newfound free time? 
I grew up in California. This apparently universal experience was not part of my universe. I was six years old before I saw snow, and nine the first time I actually saw it falling–we lived in Texas then, and we got ice storms in the winter time. I remember them only happening on the weekend, too, so school was never canceled due to ice.

Even when I went to school somewhere it did snow, school was never canceled on account of it, even when it got to forty below plus windchill. Idahoans are tough. (And campus was within walking distance to most of the student population.)

True story: I came home for Christmas from one of those forty-below winters to the balmy Bay Area, where we were having a cold spell of *gasp* forty degrees! “Take a sweater!” said my mother when I went out at night.

“It’s eighty degrees warmer than where I just was!” I told her. And I didn’t bring a sweater.

Where I live now, the roads are occasionally closed due to snow. I usually don’t find this out until I’ve made the white-knuckled drive into work.

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