eye candy: Rupert Graves

I am completely in love with this screencap.

I’d recommend some movies but I’ve only seen a few. Maurice first brought Rupert to my attention, but for a long time he was one of those, “Hey! It’s…that guy!” actors for me. (You know: you know the face but can never quite remember the name…until one day, hello.)

My hello was the new BBC series Sherlock, where Rupert plays Inspector Lestrade, and he’s perfection. Silver-haired, authoritative, paternal, perfection.

So I’m adding movies to my Netflix queue like mad, because beauty like this deserves some appreciation.

Whoever gets to wake up to this every day is very, very lucky indeed.

(What, you may ask, does this have to do with writing? Pfft, where do you suppose inspiration comes from?)

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