Apples & Gin 3: excerpt time!

Apples & Gin: Birthday Cake will be published on the 14th. This is the third story about Noah and Sawyer, two characters I never expected to write more about until I did. (And there are plans for more. At the very least I’m going to get them married. After that, who knows?)

In Birthday Cake, Noah has promised Sawyer anything he wants for his birthday. What Sawyer wants is for Noah to sing.

Have a little teaser.

Noah crossed the living room to join Sawyer at the piano, and again put his hands on Sawyer’s shoulders. He bent and kissed Sawyer’s hair. “It sounds pretty nice, kid.”

“Thanks,” Sawyer said. Noah massaged his shoulders and Sawyer leaned back into his hands. “Oh, babe, that feels nice.”

“Yeah?” Noah whispered. “It feels pretty good to me, too.” He slid his hands around to Sawyer’s chest, down his stomach, and kissed Sawyer’s neck.

“Oh, yeah,” Sawyer whispered and tilted back his head. “Are we starting the party early?”

“It’s close enough to midnight,” Noah said. “Turn around?”

Sawyer turned on the piano bench, his eyes already hot with anticipation. Noah held his face and kissed him slowly, and then slid down his body to kneel in front of him. Sawyer swallowed hard and put his hands on Noah’s shoulders. “Birthday sex, huh?”

“Night-before-your-birthday sex.” He pulled up Sawyer’s T-shirt, no teasing, to reveal a rumpled and grinning Sawyer. He kissed Sawyer’s mouth, smiling too. “Night-before-your-birthday, because-I-love-you sex.”

“Ain’t nothing wrong with that,” said Sawyer and leaned back against the piano, making dissonant chords when he rested his elbows on the keyboard. His head fell back and his breath hitched in his chest as Noah kissed his stomach.

“The big three-oh,” Noah said conversationally as he ran his fingers over Sawyer’s zipper. Sawyer grunted and looked at him through thick eyelashes, and Noah said, “When I turned thirty, you were eighteen.”

“We have this conversation every birthday,” Sawyer grumbled. “I’m twelve years younger than you. I will always be twelve years younger than you.” He held Noah’s face in his hands. “If you’re only as old as who you feel…”

“Dork,” Noah said and kissed Sawyer’s stomach again as he unzipped Sawyer’s jeans.

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