Apples & Gin: Birthday Cake

It’s Sawyer’s thirtieth birthday, and Noah has offered him anything he wants to celebrate. What Sawyer wants is for Noah to keep his promise from Valentine’s Day, that if Sawyer wrote them another song, Noah would sing on it. But Noah’s not a professional singer and everybody else at the session is, so Noah would… Continue reading Apples & Gin: Birthday Cake

Apples & Gin 3: excerpt time!

Apples & Gin: Birthday Cake will be published on the 14th. This is the third story about Noah and Sawyer, two characters I never expected to write more about until I did. (And there are plans for more. At the very least I’m going to get them married. After that, who knows?) In Birthday Cake,… Continue reading Apples & Gin 3: excerpt time!