June word count

This month was hell. Day job stress, health stress, and then I had a massive blow to my confidence early in June. I know I should have a thicker skin, but I don’t have a thick skin and hurtful comments really, really hurt. I have enough trouble with Crippling Self-Doubt as it is.

So this month was not very productive, as whenever I’d start writing something Crippling Self-Doubt would say, “Why bother? You’re no good at this. You’re just fooling yourself that anything you have to say matters.”

So I’d stop.

Crippling Self-Doubt is a bitch.

But as I was working on the story I was determined to finish this month (just one item off my list of goals—I decided one was the best I could hope for), I found my character was talking not just to his boyfriend but also to me, telling me exactly what I’ve needed to hear all month.

I don’t kid myself that what I do will change the world. I’m just trying to write something beautiful and positive, where the world makes sense and everybody gets the ending they deserve. If that’s not enough, then I don’t know what more to give.


120424 / 200000 words. 60% done!


10132 / 15000 words. 68% done!

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