Fanmix: My Body’s a Boat

Title: My Body's a Boat Fandom: The Vintner's Luck by Elizabeth Knox Medium: Books Subject: Sobran/Xas Notes: For . The prompt is "snowed in." Commentary contains quotations from The Vintner's Luck and some spoilers for the novel. The Vintner's Luck is the most beautiful book I've read all year. It's the story of Sobran, a… Continue reading Fanmix: My Body’s a Boat

Update-type things!

Website redo! It may become an overhaul at some point, because the organization feels … not so organized. The King’s Diamond has been removed from my book list. Its contract has ended and it is now out of print. BUT it will be re-released as a Single Shot Classic later this year. Happy happy. So,… Continue reading Update-type things!

Kings of the Summer Realm series by blue_fjords

You & Me, Kings of the Summer Realm R. The Dukes of Earl. PG. The Princes of Seagull Beach. PG. The Baffled King Composing. R. Author: blue_fjords Fandom: Supernatural RPS Pairing: AU Jensen/Misha Summary: Ridiculous oaths of eternal friendship on supercool parchment sheets signed in blood from cut fingers, friendship rings/bracelets/amulets, sneaking out of homes… Continue reading Kings of the Summer Realm series by blue_fjords