The Man Who Wasn’t There

Title: The Man Who Wasn't There Author: Fandom: Torchwood/Doctor Who Pairing: Jack Harkness/Alonso Frame Warning: None Spoilers: Children of Earth, The End of Time Word Count: 1055 Rating: R Summary: Jack says many names in his sleep. None of them are Alonso's. Notes: Written for 's 50 Ways to Leave Your Lover challenge. Prompt: In… Continue reading The Man Who Wasn’t There

hi diddly dee, it’s the writer’s life for me

The question was posed, How do you live your writer’s life?, which makes me smile because I had romantic notions once, too. Well, first, I work a day job, so eight hours of my day are devoted to that. During my lunch break I bring along my notebook and scribble whatever thoughts I have about… Continue reading hi diddly dee, it’s the writer’s life for me

Fanmix: Geeks in Love

Title: Geeks in Love Fandom: Supernatural Medium: Real People Subject: Misha Collins/Vicki Vantoch Notes: A tribute to my favorite actor and his amazing missus. I acknowledge: That I know neither Misha nor Vicki. That this mix is based entirely on how their relationship looks from the outside. That what I have read/heard/surmised about them makes… Continue reading Fanmix: Geeks in Love


Title: Unperfect Author: Recipient: Pairing: Dean/Castiel Rating: R Warnings: None Spoilers: None Word Count: 3600 Notes/Prompt(s): Written for 's Renegade Angels III fic exchange. The prompt: Dean is curious about Castiel's wings; Cas is shy about them. Summary: "They look like wings, they look like my wings, and I cannot show them to you." They're… Continue reading Unperfect

A Little Revelation

Title: A Little Revelation Author: Fandom: Merlin Pairing: Arthur/Merlin Warning/Spoilers: None. Word Count: 600 Rating: PG Summary: The arrival of a mystery child leads to a confession. Notes: Written for . The prompt: "I don't care if he does have my ears, I'm not the father!" Podfic: Read by . "I don't care if he… Continue reading A Little Revelation