30 days of writing, day 19

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It occurred to me as I read other people’s answers to day 17 and 18 that the questions were about our own characters rather than other people’s, so:

Favorite protagonist: I have no idea. I kind of love all of my main couples, otherwise I wouldn’t want to write about them, would I? But if I had to choose just one, forever-and-ever, I would have to say…Noah in the Apples & Gin stories. Writing him just makes me so happy.

Favorite antagonist: This is tough because I don’t write out-and-out villains much, anymore than I read them, but I will say that Dilys in Queen of Wands is a delicious sort of evil that I don’t play with often enough.

19. Favorite minor that decided to shove himself into the spotlight and why!

Micah in the San Francisco stories. He was a kind of throwaway character in the rough draft, and then when I was plotting out the rewrite I realized he needed more depth and background aside from just the pretty innocent. I love his character arc: it’s really a coming-of-age story over the two novels, though most of his growing up takes place in Something Beautiful, and when we meet him again (which we will! I have plans!) we’ll see how far he’s come.

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