30 days of writing, day 13

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13. What’s your favorite culture to write, fictional or not?

I don’t usually think of it in terms of culture, really, which is probably a failing on my part. I grew up in northern California and that’s a large reason why most of my stories are set there: it’s a place I understand and think of fondly. But I don’t think about “California culture” or even “San Francisco culture”, really. It’s just my default setting.

I’m trying to educate myself about post-WWII New York City for the Big Damn Movie, and I hope to use what I learn there in other projects as well; but it’s not something I’ve found easy to slip into. (Modern times have never been my favorite. Why I don’t write Regencies, I have no idea: goodness knows I’ve got plenty of resources left over from grad school.)

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