Eight of Wands has a release date

My next novella, Your Forever: The Eight of Wands is scheduled for March 13th.

Feels like time for an excerpt, doesn’t it?

“You look great in a tux,” Theo said after a while.

“Thanks. You look great in a suit.”

Theo laughed. “Thanks.” He took hold of a button on Del’s jacket and rubbed it between his fingers. “You know,” he began but didn’t continue.

“What?” said Del.

“I was just thinking, two thousand miles isn’t really that far. It’s a day’s flight or two days’ drive. And I bet you’d love Austin.” He looked at Del, as much hope as there was worry in his eyes.

“Oh,” Del said. “Wow. That’s an interesting suggestion.”

“Interesting suggestion?” Theo said, the worry in his eyes increasing. “It’s an invitation. I want you to come out and visit me. I’d show you a great time.”

“Theo …” Del laid his head on Theo’s shoulder a moment. “I don’t think I should.”

Theo tilted his head, his brows drawn together. “Why not? Come out to Austin for a couple days. We’ll go to some clubs, you can meet my friends … ”

“I can’t start anything with you.” Theo stopped dancing and looked at him, perplexed. “I like you, I do, and you’re so hot, but I’m not your forever, Theo. I’m just not.”

Theo was quiet a moment. “What are you waiting for?” he said quietly. “Are you waiting for perfection to just find you? Or a sign from God?”

“No, of course not.”

“So what are you waiting for?” He was still frowning. “Or are you just scared?”

Del rolled his eyes and finally dropped Theo’s hand. “I thought you understood that this was just for fun.”

“I am having fun. I’m having so much fun I want to do it again.” He looked a way, a muscle in his jaw jumping. “I guess I just understood it different from you.” He left Del on the dance floor and went through the doors to the garden.

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