One Slow Dance

Title: One Slow Dance
Fandom: Supernatural College AU
Pairing: Jared/Jensen
Warning: None.
Word Count: 700
Rating: PG
Disclaimer None of this is real.
Summary: If he requests somebody impossible then Misha will give up, right?
Notes: Written for the College AU comment fic meme. The prompt: Jared/Jensen – The Freshman Year “Screw Your Roommate” Dance 🙂 (they can be roommates, or got matched up by a roommate).

Having a senior for a roommate rocks because Misha shares his beer without giving Jared the stinkeye about it, and he knows which professors are awesome and which ones to avoid, and he’s pretty laid back and mellow all the time and treats Jared like a little brother instead of someone he tolerates in his living space.

Having a senior for a roommate sucks because Misha thinks Jared should do all those dippy freshman activities that Jared hates, because Misha thinks they’re a vital part of the college experience. And it’s really hard to say no to Misha because he’s so awesome the rest of the time.

So when Misha says, “Who do you want to go with to the Screw Your Roommate dance?” Jared closes his eyes and hates him a lot.

“Nobody,” he says and passes him the popcorn bowl. They’re watching The Empire Strikes Back again. Misha thinks it’s the deep one but Jared thinks it’s because Misha has a crush on Harrison Ford, and who wouldn’t when he’s all sarcastic and brave.

“I could set you up with Gen. She thinks you’re cute.”

“Gen’s really not my type,” Jared mumbles, because, hi, he’s only brought home three guys so far this semester and he knows Misha has noticed.

“I know, and it’s cute, you being all gay and adorable,” Misha says. “So, seriously, any guy on campus. Who would you go with? And don’t say me because roommates sleeping together is awkward and you’d have to fight Vicky for me, and frankly? I think she could take you.”

“I’m not going to fight Vicky for you, dude,” says Jared, because of course his awesome roommate has an awesome girlfriend. He thinks about it for a minute and says, “Your friend Jensen,” because if he requests somebody impossible then Misha will give up, right? Jared’s pretty sure Jensen’s straight and probably every girl on campus wants her roommate to set her up with him for this stupid thing.

Misha nods, eyes fixed on Han Solo macking on Princess Leia, and says, “Okay.”


So that’s how Jared ends up in the student union ballroom, wearing a grass skirt over his jeans and a coconut bra over his shirt, lip-synching to “Happy Talk” from South Pacific. Vicky’s idea. She also painted the sparkly eye shadow and lipstick on Jared’s face, and Jared would feel even more stupid about it except that Misha is made up the same way in solidarity, and is also doing backup.

And then when the audience starts hooting and cheering even more Jared glances behind him, and holy shit there’s Jensen, also in a grass skirt and a coconut bra, and he’s grinning like crazy and grabs Jared’s hands when Jared freezes in shock. Jensen leads him through the rest of the little song, and doesn’t Misha look like a proud papa right now, and then Jensen leans close and whispers in his ear, “I hear you requested me,” and Jared thinks he might pass out right there.


“You don’t have to stay,” Jared says when the skits are over and the actual dancing has started. They’ve taken off the grass skirts and Jared has wiped off most of the makeup, he hopes.

“Why wouldn’t I stay? Here,” Jensen adds and grabs his shoulder, and slowly wipes Jared’s mouth with his palm. Jared can’t breathe for a second. “You ditching me already?”

“No,” Jared mumbles. “You’re just doing this as a favor for Misha. It’s okay.”

Jensen looks at him a minute, and then laughs and tugs on his hand. “C’mon and dance with me,” he says and pulls Jared out on to the floor.

And that’s…that’s pretty all right. Jared always feels too big and tall around most people but with Jensen they’re practically matched, and Jensen isn’t afraid to move which makes Jared even more comfortable, and he’s laughing and being goofy and it’s so, just, nice, when a slow song starts. “We can sit down,” Jared says.

“We can dance,” Jensen answers, soft under the music and the sound of shuffling feet, and Jared blinks a few times before he lets Jensen pull him close. He wraps his arms around Jensen’s back and stoops to lay his head on Jensen’s shoulder, and, yeah. Yeah.


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